Company today

The company offers to it´s clients a fleet of more than 40 permanently reneved trucks.

Truck transporting a Refeer containter near to the Torres de Serranos»

All vehicles are provided with mobile phone being in permanent contact with the station that from the central, receives and sends calls.

This equipment provides a quick response in real time and inmediate attention to customers form the nearest operative unit. More than 40 specialists are involved in the company, guaranteing service efficiency.

The Transportes Vicente Brull, S. L. teamis a multilanguage speaking, so that international operations in English, Spanish, French or Italian may be overtaken.

All the company´s customers, importers, exporters, shipping agents recive a specialized container transport service to send or bring merchandise for or to anywhere in the World.

Transportes Brull, S.L.
Dr. J.J.Dómine, 18 - Entlo. Pta.3
46011 - VALENCIA
Tel. 96 331 08 02 - 96 331 38 43
Fax. 96 331 16 85